A Stronger Vision Together


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A Stronger Vision. Together.

The last couple of years have been tough for all of us. From the health effects of the pandemic, to the fear of job losses, extreme weather, the rising cost of everything, and the stress of it all, we've all felt it. Instead of helping, the Sask. Party has made things worse. 

A growing number of people agree, we need to work together to find new solutions to the challenges and opportunities that are coming our way. 

People are tired of the negativity and the wrong direction Scott Moe is taking our province. People are ready for a change from the Sask. Party’s focus on division and debates that tear us apart - like pitting the environment versus jobs, urban versus rural, and social justice versus security. 

Carla Beck’s commitment

Carla Beck is committed to building a team that can win and deliver the change Saskatchewan people are looking for. She knows the only way we can deliver is if we win the next election. And the only way we can win the next election and deliver that change is by working and building together. 

Fundamentally, Carla Beck is running on a three point plan:

  1. Build

  2. Win

  3. Deliver 

Carla Beck is running to lead the Saskatchewan New Democrats to build support, win the next election, replace Scott Moe and work together to deliver for people across the province. 

Where Carla Beck stands on the issues you care about

Carla Beck’s campaign, her career, and her future government are not just about policies. Carla Beck is about people.

From the beginning, Carla Beck has said that her focus on bringing people in and working together means more listening, more ideas, and more people.

A lack of policies has not been the problem for Saskatchewan New Democrats.

Carla Beck knows the opportunities and challenges we’re facing demand more than a list of policies. We need to connect with people and build solutions that reflect their hopes together, so we can win and deliver. 

Stronger. Together is not just a slogan for Carla Beck’s campaign. It is a conviction that Carla learned growing up on the farm and it can be seen in everything she does. It has been central to her work in and out of the legislature, and it’s how she’s been able to build the teams that have supported her to win every election she’s run in.

It’s exactly what she’s doing with this campaign. She has spoken with leaders in rural communities and our cities. She’s been working with long-time New Democrats and people who haven’t seen themselves in our party for a long time – or maybe ever – and they’re excited about what we’re building.

Carla Beck understands that all of us across the province are connected. Farmers and ranchers, education and healthcare workers, those who make their living rolling steel or developing our natural resources, academics and office workers. People right across Saskatchewan used to see themselves in our party. Carla Beck is committed to inviting them back in. Scott Moe and the Sask. Party have benefited by pushing us apart, but we’re all in this together. We’re all just trying to get by and build an even better future for ourselves or our kids here in Saskatchewan.

Letting the Sask. Party stay in government is not helping people across our province get the help they need. We need to connect with people; meet them where they are at, and invite them to get on board and get excited about what we can accomplish together.

That’s why Carla’s commitment to deliver for people drives her focus on building the team and support we need to win.


What does Carla’s approach look like in action?

Carla Beck's commitment with every opportunity and challenge is to build solutions together. It’s also at the heart of how she plans to face issues going forward. 

Bringing as many people in early, to build trust and buy-in, is the only path to success on any issue. Carla Beck’s experience in doing that building in four successful elections as well as her career in and out of the legislature, and her commitment to continue to do it as leader and the premier are at the heart of why she’s the right choice to lead Saskatchewan’s New Democrats. 

Some key areas of priority for addressing the opportunities and challenges we’re facing include:

Together with a growing team and support from right across the province, Carla’s number one commitment is to deliver an inspiring alternative to this tired Sask. Party government.


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